March 14, 2011

My Name is Nehra and I am not Alone

    Ah, there's been a lot of hue and cry regarding the final over of the India-South Africa match, that Nehra bowled. People slamming the captain for opting for Nehra over Harbhajan for bowling the 50th over. Harbhajan may or may not have restricted the runs, you never know. Losing was always on the cards when Indians faltered throughout the day. Poor Nehra is being made a punching bag because the match went close(13 reqd off 6 balls). Mainly thanks to the slow cautious batting by Saffers. If you guys remember, Pakistan once required 6 of the last over, chasing 340+ and Nehra bowled really well India won. Again, in this match the first ball was an in-swinging yorker which unfortunately went for four. The second ball was a mighty slog by Peterson. I have compiled a list of duels where similar things happened wherein the best of bowlers got the stick treatment from unknown entities carrying a bat.

  • Harbhajan & Aamir – Asia Cup – Akthar got into Bhajji's nerves and he showed the anger on poor Aamir by hoicking him for a huge six.
  • Balaji & Akthar – India Tour of Pakistan – The hot guy of India Pakistan (L Balaji) went crazy and smacked Akthar over the long on boundary, broke his willow et al.
  • Sreesanth & Nel  – India Tour South Africa – Who can forget the smooth dance moves he showed in front of Nel after that epic six.
  • Symcox & Srinath – Titan Cup – Trace walk to the 1990's. Symcox hit Srinath for a 6 so hard that it struck the electronic scoreboard.
  • Nayar & Flintoff – IPL – Freddie was the most expensive buys of that season (along with KP) and he was put to shame when Abishek Nayar sent the ball screaming to all parts of the ground. 
Symcox giving it the full treatment.
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    "Cometh the hour, cometh the man." this was certainly not true in any of the cases if you had the ball in hand. In this T20 age of slam-bang cricket brutal hitting, slog shots, or even thick edges helping the ball to the ropes you have to cut some slack for the bowlers and eat the humble pie. For pointers even the slogan (theme song) for the 2011 world  cup is "De ghuma ke" and not "Gilli uda de", its a brutal world and crowd want to see the bats do the talking. Or like MSD would aptly say, "Well of course!".

p.s. - If you guys have some upset moments that you cant seem to forget so easily, feel free to add them in the comments section. Cheers!


  1. 1. Kumble and Srinath- Titan cup!!!! Unforgettable.
    2. Adam Gilchrist and Co. Vs India. 2003 WC final, when Zaheer tried to "sledge" the Aussie batsmen.

  2. Nehra's third ball (after the 6) was also an inswinging yorker, which rolled off somewhere so RSA could get 2 runs.

  3. It wasn't entirely Nehra's fault. I thought Zak's 18 run over gave away the momentum. But nehra could have tried to make them earn those runs.

  4. @SB - Zak dint give 18. It was 31 runs reqd of last 3 overs. Munaf bowled 48th, which then became 17 runs reqd of 2 overs. Zak gave 4 in the 49th. And rest is historical!

  5. @Mock Wah - Zak did have a bad over when JPD smacked him around. Not the 49th over, it was earlier.

  6. @Rishabh - well yes, that was when ABD & JPD were at the crease also it was during the Batting PP.