May 28, 2012

Hail the new champions

Nomoshkar! Ek minnit,
  2012 A.D. The Kings have been slayed in their own backyard and the Knights are the new world order. A new dawn, a new rule, a new champion crowned! ...and SRK did some cartwheel and shit. KTHXBAI.


  1. Finally something to be happy for SRK after 5 years of struggle at the IPL.Finally got the silverware..
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  2. It's great when you finally succeed in a competition.

    see the "guile and spin" book for a fictional account of a long struggle for a club

  3. I think that they deserved to be the champions for all they did, and I heard on a sportsbook website that the start of the team will leave soon

  4. The New You are able to Airplanes will not modify their trainer because they are still enthusiastic stream nfl games about Eric Mangini, who was the newest NFL