March 15, 2010

DLF IPL 3.0 DareDevils tame the Zintans

It's finally happening, not just the 3rd edition of the IPL and Lalit Modi shimmering in the Indian heat. But, the first ever IBIB... ummm .. Inter-Blogatic IPL Battle.

Yes, we are the latest to join the rest of the bunch . We maybe last but its God given.. cos we now support the one n only Dilli Daredevils. Oh, the joy and fulfillment bla bla bla.. as u can see i'm running short on the buzzer. Just 15 mins to go for their nxt game and I need the points secured. So, this is wat hapnd in the opening game for Delhi. Zintans bat 1st. Screw up to make a good total (it was less even on a green track). Dirk Nannes breathes fire! 4 overs 2 wkts for 12 runs! Whoz da man now !!?? Mahroof & Nannes dont allow the Kings from Punjab to build partnerships. Bopara get 56(48) Punjab end at 142. Dilshan, Viru, AB, dont seem to be interested in a low scoring match which means capt. G does the rest himself!

DD were at 45/3 and then 79/4 but,Mithun Manhas played along with his capt. not sure whether he got recognised. DK got a start too. Capt. G fined 20,000 $ for slow over-rate. 1st win and 2 points in the bag. Gr8 start to DLF IPL 3.0 Period!


  1. I think you now agree with me about Sree's

  2. hahahaa.. Baiju - wen I was watchin Sree bowl and while posting only u were on my mind!! cheers!