March 10, 2010

Ijaz Butt & the 7 Dwarfs

Well, if you thought only the Pakistan Cricket team was unpredictable,hold on! Their cricket board is a step ahead. Ijaz Butt's decision has shook the cricket team and others concerned. Agreed Paki cricket was not doing well, but its nothing new. Its been happening for ages now. Every team goes through a slump. Lets look at the fellows who faced Butt's fart..oops wrath!

1) Kamran'Butterfingers'Akmal: Well, he single-handedly won the game for Australia. He dropped catches which came his way and helped Aussies win it easily. Rs. 3 million fine and under probation.

2)Umar'Poor Acting'Akmal : He alleged to have feigned an injury in order to miss the test for his dear brother who had been dropped.He did ended up playing the match though. His mom would have been proud of this act, but not the PCB. Rs 2 million fine and under probation.

3)Shahid 'Once Bit Twice Punished'Afridi: If Adam bit the forbidden apple, our Boom Boom bhai bit the cherry umm... ball. Satan hit both of them. ICC banned him with a heavy sum and a 2 T20 match ban. Ijaz went a step higher and fined him Rs.3million and is also under probation for 6 months.

4)Rana Naved and Shoaib Malik: On disciplinary grounds. Banned for a year from the national side from all the formats of the game and a sum of 2 million.

Here's the shocker :
5) MoYo & his accomplice, Younis Khan: Final nail in the coffin for both of them. Seems their attitude let the team down. Well, I do agree in the case of Younis, who , whenever he needs, takes rest citing stress and too much cricket, when they play once in a blue-moon. He stated that 20-20 was a fun game... maybe for him! That statement surely raised a few eyebrows. Luckily, they went on to win the WCT20 else he would have been doomed long back.

Well, with T20 WC coming up shortly, I don't see it as a wise decision by the PCB. Could have checked their performance in the T20WC. With the ban of these players,the Pakistan team is like a human being with just a head and legs and nothing in between. Its gonna take a long time to come over from this disaster.

P.S: I hope WICB doesn't take it seriously and dissolve the whole team considering the way they are performing!! :)

P.P.S: All above mentioned nominations are in PKR currency - Pakistani Rupee.


  1. Damn, now you managed to make me laugh about it inappropriately, after I was raging all the time. Roast in hell! :P

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