April 6, 2010

DLF IPL - DC CSK mixed fortunes

We know DC are the defending champs but look at the mess they've got themselves into. First, they don't play at Hyderabad which is the official home ground for the DCs. They end up playing their home games at Cuttack, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur and their horror run of losing home games continues. Their last home game against the Raj Royals, who have stressed on building that fortress for opposing teams when playing at home. RR have the best home games record. Mumbai Indians this season have set the same tune. So, how crucial is it playing at home and more importantly winning!

DC bowled well, played with a plan and executed it. They really needed the win to equal CSK, RR, KKR on points and fight to the semis. 159 still seemed a lil disappointing as they managed to avoid some serious beating from the hands of their old pal Yusuf-cant-play-short-stuff-Pathan who has won 4 M.O.M's in 5 games they have played. Shane-can-whack-Watson's knock helped RR post a target of 160 for the DCs. And from there DC batsmen switched their brains off. They managed to go from 137/5 to 157 all out. This with Rohit-I'm-going-to-WI-Sharma hitting 73 from 44 and not able to hit 3 runs from the last 2 deliveries and DC were all out. Only CSK could have managed to lose it from there (Remember chasing 139 against KxiP). So, their fate now looks stuck above the KxiP but, they still can make it due to weird calculations.

So, we see how did DC actually perform ala the Sooper Kings. This is what we can understand from the team's fortunes up to now:

  • Gilly = MSD : Capt and WK - both have come and gone, hit a few but, missed mostly. (MSD was injured in between)
  • Gibbs = Haydos : Both have swished the bat like Harry Porters wand, the spells seemed to backfire very often.
  • Rohit = Raina : Both have played some good knocks, looked curious for more but then disappointed.
  • VVS = Badri : Two batsmen who seemed to be in wrong place at the wrong time playing the wrong game.
  • Symonds = Morkel : All-rounders for their teams, never really performed to potential or previous performances.
  • Vaas = Murali : Both had good beginning to IPL this season, Vaas eventually ran outta gas, Murali on the way?
  • Ojha = Jakati : The two left-armers have picked wickets but have gone for plenty.
  • Rahul = Ashwin : back-up spinners hardly looked vicious in batsmen's paradise.
  • RP = Gony/Tyagi : Jaskaran = Balaji : Harmeet = Joginder They have been in a league on their own. No matter who is picked the result doesn't change.

CSK have recovered with Vijay clicking at the top. Murali has been resonable and with MSD back they look better placed than DC who need to win all from here and hope the others don't. Interestingly, CSK-DC have to play each other in the remaining games to come. CSK have 8 pts from 9 games and DC have 6 pts from 9 games. Just 5 matches each, its a fight to the death for each one of them. RR and RCB will their main threats, considering KKR like to goof it up when someone takes them seriously.


  1. The last line is the best: KKR like to goof it up when someone takes them seriously. Too true!

    My semi-finalists: MI, DD, RCB & CSK.

    DC's task seems too uphill now with no player really inspiring enough confidence in the fans. RR's case is not too different. KKR, as you said, will commit hara-kiri when the time is apt. And need I say anything about KXIP?

  2. nice comparison of csk and dc..
    i think RR deserves a semi-final spot

  3. @Shri CSK cant afford any hiccups if they wanna be ahead of Royals. RR hv games against KXIP, KKR so they clearly hv the upper hand. Hopefully the Kings xi Pimps will help CSK out. :)

    @Maulik RR hv really surprised me. I dint expect more than 4 victories frm them. But names like Ojha, Fazal, Trivedi, Jhunjhun have given Warney exactly what he is looking for.

  4. too cooks spoil the brath and too many foreign stars have spoilt RCB's winning combination. I dont see them going into the semis. My line up for the final four is MI,DD,RR,CSK (the order of the teams might change)