April 8, 2010

Ton Tana Ton

Not so long ago we gave u this. And as Sachin would say "Go out there, get the start, reach the 50, pile on that 100." and Viru would add "don't you forget to score the triple." and here we are. It's the time to lift the bat and acknowledge the support we have had from all of you. The fire still burns and the desire to thrash some Sreesanth is more than ever. We have couple of other good stuff to share. Blokes at "World Cricket Watch" recently announced the 40 best cricket blogs around the world. No, we dint make the list but, they dint mention us in the recommendations. w00t!!

We are finally, thinking on taking the blog to newer levels and reach you all better. So, this is the official FB page on Wah! Cricket. And this is the FB group for all Wah! Cricket fans.
There's lots more in store that we are going to be busy with in the next few days. But, we'd seriously like to hear more from you, the readers, the followers, the fans, the bored visitor :) So, tell us via comments, or Facebook or Twitter what ever u feel like. As it's all happening @ Wah! Cricket.


  1. Well done and keep up the good work! By the way, even I am about to get there soon...

  2. congrats... now that u hv crossed maiden 100... the stike rate is only going to improve... :)

  3. @Shridhar good on ya.. raise the bat in advance here! ;)

    @SP thanks.