April 12, 2010

DLF IPL Semi Finals -The Line Up

You can throw away your calculators cos I've just solved the puzzle that will lead us to the semi-finalists in a jiffy. First to remind all that the World T20 Championship starts on the 30th of April. Yes! and that plays a big role to how the IPL is going to be decided. Remember, how it all began. MSD takes a bunch of 22yr olds to South Africa on a fully-paid vacation and end up winning the T20 championship and then hell breaks lose. ICL happens and quickly Modi and his merry men introduce "IPL". Banks go broke as players mint money during auctions. Md. Kaif gets more than Ricky Ponting! People soon relate it to the perfect entertainment formula.. Bollywood+Cricket+Parties= $$$

And so, when the IPL happened again this time in SAF and soon after Ind go to England to contest as the defending champions in World T20, yea.. yea that shit. They somehow make it to the super-6 and get taste of reality w/o Viru. West fucking Indies, Chockers Saffers, even the Poms beat India. Not quite sounds like the best team in the world playing T20's. So, this time the 2 tournaments are even closer than before. So, why injure the players and go thru all the crap once again. Viru, Gauti, Raina, Yuvi, MSD they sure realise it but, they dint see me catching them red-handed.

Lets see among the IPL teams which teams will not be affected by the World T20 champs and vice versa.

  • DD- Viru+Gauti enough said! (add DK to that, DD semis hopes look bleak.)
  • CSK- MSD+Raina (Big money on these two. As we know Yuvi is pregnant. CSK will put on a fake fight.)
  • KxiP- Who are u kidding? They're already outta the semi's race.
  • KKR- Not a single Knight Rider in the Squad to West Indies. (possible semi spot)
  • DC- Rohit (He doesn't seem to be interested in performing for the national team prefers the 50 days a year format. Might give KKR a run for their money)
  • RCB- Rahul+Jumbo+Robin+Kohli+Pandey (none in the T20 team, quite easily into the semis)
  • RR- YPathan (Has he ever performed for Ind; even 25% of what he has done with the Royals. Semis more likely)
  • MI- The team solely dependent on Sachin and no one else in the radar to the West Indies (Sachin no longer plays Intl. T20's so, easily in the semis) and so, they already are.

This means the like of Yuvi, Viru, Gauti, MSD, Raina et all are going to be out of action much before you and I think they are. Which is around April 18th. Which gives them 10 days before they play the warm up games in West Indies. Period!

p.s - this post was written primarily with a batsman's perspective. That is completely fair and unbiased.

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