December 4, 2009

B.B.O.T.D. – Bombay Duck

Today, is perhaps the most important day in Indian cricket.. Heck world cricket perhaps! For today is the day, the most swashbuckling entertainers to have ever played the game was born. Ajit Agarkar. Yes, his majesty was born on this very day some 30 years ago. It was not destiny that brought him to the game but, it was destined that if the game was to have a hero, a role model, an iconic image, a beasty profile it would be in the form of Ajit Agarkar. Agarkar was no ordinary cricketer, not just another one in a million boys, from Indian towns and cities who would play cricket for the joy of it. Agarkar was different, he was always special. Remembering some of his great achievements is like showing light to the sun. No ordinary feat but, Agarkar was the quickest to reach 50 ODI wkts at a record pace of 23 games (only). 50 wickets! not kidding, you can check all the stats you want. Only recently Mendis got the better of him but, he is now forgotten and forgiven. Agarkar was such a talent with the bat that he dint need runs to prove his selection in the team. Unbelievable? Yes, he had 7 ducks in the tour to Australia, 5 in a row. But, no Tom, Dick or Harry could question his selection for he was not chosen to score; he was not like the rest, not another mere mortal. He dint have to win games to show his patriotism for his nation, just his presence in the team was pride for the entire nation. Neither did he have to get wickets everytime he ran into bowl nor silence the runs scored, he knew that. He very occasionally picked wickets and very generously gave the boundary ball every over he bowled. Yes, every over. He scored the fastest 50 by an Indian in odi’s cos, it was impossible to think of any other doing it but him. His test ton against England at Lord’s came in the most difficult conditions, unimaginable for you and me. It is pure blessing from the almighty that, we were fortunate enough to have seen that knock. He could have played at the no.3 slot in odi’s as long as he wanted but, that was not what he intended, it was not meant for him. No slot was good enough for his class and stature. He dint have to be the next Kapil Dev for india cos, he was not set to be just Kapil, Kapil was nothing in front of Agarkar. For today is his birthday is a well known fact all around the world, for that very reason Sehwag decided, not to break another world record (scoring his 3rd triple ton)today and distract the millions in the joyous mood. Sehwag knows it, he respects it more than his triple. It is in honor of the mighty one, the only one.. Ajit Agarkar.

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