December 3, 2009

BBOTD-Maiden & her Keeper

Today’s Bday Bums are a classy combo, I have to tell that bcos the first ever woman cricketer to feature on sloshedcricket, “Mithali Raj” is sharing her bday with “Mark Boucher” today!!

Mark Boucher, is a well known glovesman all around the world. He just aint stopping! I wonder y? But he’s just 33 dressed as 36. Ah well, then he can play few more. Also, a good slogger who can intimidate any bowling attack with a few lusty blows. Conversely, I feel he never developed his batting any further. I mean he can be dependable to leave you when you needed him the most. Yes, of course he had a few unforgettable knocks like the unbeaten 50 he hit in the best match ever! When SAF chased Aus’s mighty 434. Wow!!! A few gritty match winning knocks, some crucial 50’s , few perfect finishes but then to have played so so so many games for ur national side and still playing the same level as he would 5 years ago is plain disappointing. He holds many records behind the wickets though; prized one might be the most no. of dismissals by a wicketkeeper in tests. His only competition Adam Gilchrist was a better batsman but, with the gloves they were on par. (Gilly holds the most dismissals by a keeper in ODI’s.) Boucher was the first wicket keeper to cross 400 dismissals in tests way back in 2007 itself. To this day, Boucher is an integral part of the South African team, yet to win a world cup! They are not called Chokers for nothing..

Mithali Raj, currently the top ranked bats-woman in the world, made her debut for India at a very young age, considering she is from an orthodox Indian family yet, representing the national cricket team. It is indeed a rare sight especially in India but, when u have exceptional talent like hers nothing can stop you from going. She has also captained the national side for a while, during which the team featured the 2005 WC finals losing to Australia.

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