December 4, 2009

Tribute to the greatest Cricketer..

Due to technical difficulties we were unable to post on time! So, we intend to make up for that presenting a few of the best from the best. Enjoy..

How sexy am I ?

We dont need umpires for my appeals, u can go baby.

Why take silly catches? I make them look cool.. see how I do it on one leg..

Then again.. i dont need legs to catch.

Try my methods, sure to work!! First forward..

Then backwards.. daily 3 times. U'll look cool.. not as cool as me tho'

See ?


  1. lol.. from where did u get d pics mate? rofl...

  2. @karthik- trade secrets not to be revealed.. besides, every avid cricket fan's got to have his Ajit Agarkar collection.