December 11, 2009

The IPL Saga continues

As much as the known remain known and the unknown remain yet to be known, it can be guaranteed that Lalit Modi will stir you up every time you are least expecting it. He is at it again. Yes, the little weasel he is. After the 7 Pakistani players got their visas approved from the Indian high commission, Mr. Modi has announced it is too little too late. Now the players cannot be fit into their franchises as the franchisees have already replaced those players and under “new” contract policies it is impossible to reverse the player’s contract. So, he pulls a rabbit out of the hat. He added that the players have just one way to play in the 3rd season and that is to fall into the auction list. Yet another deadline to apply and laws to be followed. Wonder if any Pakistani player is that desperate to participate in the money-minting IPL. Or will they stand up and say, “We are the T20 world champions so, you take your shitty tournament and come when I have the time.” But, what if they don’t? What if the players are keen to play some good club cricket and earn a few extra bucks? So, does KKR now have to bid for Gul/Razzaq against 7 other franchisee owners? The same applies for an Afridi or Misbah, Tanvir or Akmal and the rest of the folks. Mr. Modi you have outdone yourself congratulations!

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