May 24, 2010

Celebrating Cricket

Wah are celebrating cricket, and what better way than the cricketers showing us how to do in ishtyle!! Weird that, ever wondered how these egoistic super-natural beings let their real selves out in the flow of things.

Exhibit A: Shahid BoOm BOom Afridi - Crickets very own SeX Symbol

C'mon Picky, I mean Ricky celebrate! U just won another trophy, rest is Ashes.
And talking of Ashes, remember when Freddie almost became Jesus!

Gayle trying to be as cool as the Lighting Bolt!

Or have you ever done the Full MONTY!

My eyes bleed with this one.

Some just let the animal in them take over.

Wah are not done with that, Wah will be back with more "Celebrating Cricket". Keep tuning in, till then say "Wah! Cricket".

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