May 4, 2010

ICC World T20 - Super 8's fixtures

The ICC World T20 championships moves into the Super 8's stage and here are the top 8 teams that have progressed so far:

Group E:
  • Pakistan
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • England

Group F:

  • Australia
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • West Indies
Here's how the games are likely to be played:
  • May 6 - Barbados
 Pakistan v England
 South Africa v New Zealand
  • May 7 - Barbados
 Australia v India
 Sri Lanka v West Indies
  • May 8 - Barbados
 Pakistan v New Zealand
 England v South Africa
  • May 9 - Barbados
 India v West Indies
 Sri Lanka v Australia
  • May 10 - St. Lucia
 Pakistan v South Africa
 New Zealand v England
  • May 11 - St. Lucia

 Sri Lanka v India
 West Indies v Australia

The top 2 teams in Group E and Group F will move into the semi-finals. So, now that we are past the minnows or any possible upsets. We are in the business end of the world T20 thingy. Hoping the battles will be fierce and not affected by rain so, we don't have to swear on Mr. Duckworth and Mr. Lewis in the upcoming games.


  1. Wow dude, this article is dated Nov 22, 2009
    And your reader reaction tickboxes have black font, blending into the background :P

  2. yea i knew the reaction textboxes problem. but how did the time stamp change?!!

  3. No idea, but it probably has something to do with your computer time!

  4. No its fine.. all my posts the time stamp has changed. i guess after i modified the theme.

  5. lets awake Paki selectors drop hafeez and select asif for team betterment jaag selector jaag.

  6. Against Poms Asif will be handy, but Hafeez batting at 3 is the problem I dont mind in the playing eleven as such.

  7. hiWell super eight grous are bit confeasuing for me. can anybody tell me that how thay made the groups. i mean on what bases..??

  8. welcome another Anonymous visitor. Group E will consist of the top seed from Groups A and C, and the second seed of groups B and D(A1,C1,B2,D2). Group F will consist of the top seed from Groups B and D, and the second seed of groups A and C(A2,C2,B1,D1).

    The seedings used are those allocated at the start of the tournament and are not affected by group stage results, with the exception when a non-seeded team knocks out a seeded team, the non-seeded team inherits the seed of the knocked-out team.

  9. this is yet another very crappy system by the ICC, as u see Aus bt Pak and Ind bt Saf. Yet Pak is A1 and Saf C1 since they performed better in the previous edition of the ICC world T20 championships. They are automatically seeded higher. Same applies to all.

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  11. hey thanks Rishabh, will try and see if it works!