May 6, 2010

ICC World T20 - Super 8 Group E preview

When the top 8 teams are the ones playing the super 8 games expect, fire crackers! It's top-notch at its top-notch best. Very difficult to choose right now. When I say, Kiwis the only team unbeaten in this group that says it all. With bad weather and two gentlemen, Mr. Duck-worthless and Mr. Lew-ass one has to be brave and call out predictions. So, here is the Group E for you.

Pakistan - *Defending Champions*

Carrying the burden of being the best team in T20's. Losing finalists in '07 and one big step in '09. Undoubtedly expectations are high, so far have played on expected lines. They tend to be slow starters (lost to Ind in 07 & Eng in 09 in grp stage).
But, this is where Pakistan lifts their game and probably takes it to ionosphere. The Super 8's. Team has looked mixed so far. Kamran Akmal opening not my ideal choice same for Hafeez playing at crucial 1-down(no.3). Umar Akmal yet to live to expectations. Razzaq, Md. Asif left out!

Wah say, "Not this time folks." No.3 finish

New Zealand - *Kiwi Fresh*

The one team who is unaware of their own potential. Smooth sailing so far, beat Lankans in a closely fought group match. Baz Mc'Kill-em yet to fire since the aus-kiwi game(IPL included). Bro Nathan Mc'Kill-em can't seem to put a foot wrong. Bond has been getting the stick treatment too long.
With Jesse back, Rosco, Baz+Bro, Guptill, Scotty 2 hotty, Oram, Dan the man team looks good.. might give Poms a run for their money. But, the black caps wont be favorites to go the distance.

Wah say, "Bottoms-up" No. 4 finish

South Africa - *Chokers*

Not fair to call them chockers already, the side looks good but, depending on Big Jake(Kallis) for too long will hurt them. Not used spin as their weapon unlike other teams. Struggled to keep India low in their first game will want to send some strong signals to potential rivals.
Langeveldt hasn't been played.. Albie Morkel is way past his fake-prime, thats 4 overs of buffet bowling to the opposition. Gibbs warming the benches as Bosman takes all the Loot!

Wah say, "Still have time to choke"  No.1 finish

England - *Pretty Poms*

Potential "Dark Horses" this year no matter how fair Stewy Broad or Eoin Morgan are. Eoin Morgan the "Deshdrohi" of the west. Rain has played bigger part than cricket has in England coming in to the super 8's.
Most likely that will continue and the Poms will be singing "Rain, Rain go away..".

Wah say, "English is a funny language."  No. 2 finish


  1. Very cool new look, I like!

    And is Viru really naked? Oh my god!

    Saffers won't choke pal, they'll crash out in this round.

  2. I was wondering if I had correctly arrived on Wah Cricket when I saw the new look... It looks good, but I guess it'll take time getting used to...

    You don't seem to have much hopes from Sri Lanka... They do look a formidable unit... The difference between SA and SL is that Mahela is batting faster than Jacques Kallis... He's judging the game better... I think they are in with a good chance...

  3. @ Purna hey thanks.. appreciate it! and thats not Sehwag of course! :)

    I still feel Saffers hv time.. no choking yet!

  4. @ Shridhar Jaju thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u.. BTW this post is only the Group E teams.. More on Lanka in the Group F post.