May 10, 2010

ICC World T20 - How Pakistan are better placed than India

Final four games and most people don't realise that the race to the semis is still alive for all super 8 teams. It has been helped by the fact that Australia and England have been unbeaten and this in fact will be very crucial in the last few games as well. Pakistan the defending champions still have a ray of hope, and a very glossy one that! same time ex-champs India have also lost 2/2 but, are not as comfortable as Pakistan are.

So, why is Pakistan better placed than India to make it to the semis you ask.. simple "Net Run Rate" dear, the very three words MSD would pay to remove from the Englsih vocabolary. As of now Pakistan hv a NRR better than SAF, NZL who are ahead only because of points. So, all Pakistan need is a victory over SAF today and hope that England remain unbeaten in their match against the Kiwis. That should do it.. Pakistan once again from no where will go through, with the biggest baddest grin you'll ever see but cant see-see.

Meanwhile India has to think on parallel terms.. They need to pray Aussies bt host Windies and then Men in Blue go and beat Sri Lanka by a big and I mean BIG! margin. That's unlikely but, never say never.. India should be happy to be getting away from Barbados for the time being. Last game at St. Lucia where they beat Saffers should give them some positive mind-set. But Lankans wont be sad either, they can definitely play the quality of spin India is providing them. But, no Murali will definitely be a positive for Indians. So, some exciting times ahead. Lets hope the unexpected happens and we are in for a treat! Till then let me hear you say.. WAH!


  1. Guys can I suggest something? If you could make the font a little bigger it would be easier to read. Just a suggestion.

  2. sure Purna.. it will be done.

  3. I don't know if you wrote this before the Aus-SL match, but the fact that SL was resoundingly beaten by Aus certainly helps...