January 2, 2010

2009 - gone by & good bye! 1st QTR

Now that "2009" has come to an end and we welcome "2010" with fireworks and celebrations with our near & dear ones in our own special ways. Lets look back at the year 2009 was with all the ups and downs in what else but, cricket.

The year started with the Proteas beating Aussies down under, undoubtedly causing waves of the aussie decline. Which started everyone claiming glory for what had actually the Proteas shud be given full credit. First in the line were of course the Indians. The Indians claimed that they were the first team to give the Australians a fight in their own backyard (and in everyone's living room) and hence, the SAFFERS were able to learn and accomplish the victory down under. Poms were not behind, they absolutely thrashed the Indian's for their roobish claims! It was the Poms who beat Australia in the Ashes under Vaughan (only they never seem to recall the 5-0 whitewash they got when they went to Aus). Chris Gayle was not far behind, of course he was solely responsible for not just the decline of Aussies but also the Windies.

But, as we know the Proteas give back what they get. So, when Aussies toured SAF, what do they do?.. They lose! EXACTLY! now no one is shouting out and taking credit for losing. Moving on..

India travelled to New Zealand to win 1-0 in a 3 test series only to play 3 more tests in the entire calender year. Which was quite an achievement in itself!! They also beat Sri Lanka and New Zealand in ODI series.

Sri Lanka toured Pakistan where nothing went right. The terror attack on the Sri Lankan team bus resulted in the tour being called off. Which resulted in further no games being played in Pakistan. And thus, the PCB had to look for neutral venues like Abu Dhabi to play some home games.

Lots more of action on the cricket took place in the following months in 2009. Stay tuned for the 2nd quarter of 2009. We have the 2nd season of IPL covered and more..

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