January 12, 2010

2009 Gone bys and Good Byes 2nd QTR

In the 2nd Qtr of 2009 we saw very less action in international cricket, for which we can solely blame the Indian Premier League. Australia decided to play some cricket in the desert against Pakistan. Aussies won the 5 match ODI series comfortably 3-2 and lost the T20 international match against the same rivals. England & West Indies’ players played in the first half of the IPL later, playing each other in England which the English won 2-0. Another, less important series because, in South Africa the world was experiencing the second edition of the killer IPL.

The 2nd season of the IPL was shifted to SAF due to security concerns in India, and the Hon. Home Minister disapproving the scheduling of the IPL in India during election polls to be contested at the same time. So, when the entire nation was busy choosing who is gonna run the nation, a few merry men under the man-in-charge a.k.a. Lalit Weasel Modi planned to move an entire tournament outside India, across the Indian Ocean to South Africa. The tournament was organised very well to suit the Indian audience, not harming any T.V. viewership or TRPs! So, as BCCI racked in the moolah, the 8 honourable teams were playing dirty!! This time we saw lower scores, worse chases, DROP catches, slower pitches, effective spinners, lots of SAF talent, less SRK, more Lalit, some fake Akon, fake IPL player, Strategy (my ass hurts) breaks, yada yada yada..But, the most indigestible part of the 2nd edition of IPL was the fact, the one team who were beaten, actually thrashed by every other IPL side, who ended at the bottom of the table in the 1st season went on to win the IPL in South Africa. Complete Bollocks!! Now, there aint a way to determine a loser.. anyone, I mean anyone can win the PRESTIGIOUS IPL. More so, better if you lose miserably then u are more likely to win the next edition. Hahaha.. The Deccan Chargers beat Royals Challengers Bangalore in the finals by a mere 6 runs. Delhi Daredevils were unbeatable during the league winning 10 off their 14 games, only to be beaten by a Gilchrist special in the semi-finals. Chennai Super Kings the other losers in the semi-finals going down to Royals Challengers Bangalore. Kolkata Knight Riders had every bit of newspapers and T.V. focus. Only, they couldn’t play cricket to win. They wud have easily lost to the junior girls cricket team had Lalit organised one. But, what this meant is.. *drums* KKR are most likely to win IPL III :) just wait n watch!! Mumbai Indians, Kings xi Punjab continued to screw up their chances of making into the top 4. Rajasthan Royals a.k.a. the defending champs a.k.a. underdogs etc etc were still living glory of 2k8 and missed the same magic.

This was about it.. Hopefully! The second Qtr was more about IPL than citizen exercising their right to vote. Cricket took a back seat, controversies, commercials, cameras were in focus. Continuing in the 2009 review we see what the 3rd Qtr had in store for us (world T20 championship n moooore) Till then stay tuned, Say Wah!

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