January 18, 2010

B.B.O.T.D. - What could not become, became..

Vinod Ganpat Kambli, born in the year 1972 on this very day is widely regarded as one such player who could not fulfill his potential. It is difficult when one bursts on the stage with a world record partnership of 664 runs which he shared with Sachin Tendulkar as school kids. Soon, both boys made it to the national team and perhaps this was when things changes dramatically. Not that Kambli was an utter waste of talent. Kambli scored 2 back to back double centuries against Zimbabwe and England. In his first 7 tests for India he had 2 centuries and 2 double-centuries under his belt. Then where did he go wrong, to be completely invisible!!! He lacked consistency, had major disciplinary issues a.k.a. Shoaib-ness. He once scored 22 runs of a single over from Shane Warne, soon had 3 ducks in 6 innings against the West Indies. His vulnerability against the Short-ball spelled his downfall. A prodigious talent, a fun bloke, flamboyant personality he is, allows him to remain in the hearts and minds of all cricket buffs in India. In 2009, Kambli did try to charm the public, contesting in the local elections. He gained 3,000+ votes only losing by 53,000+ votes which showed people love him but, take him in the light-hearted way only. Hopefully, ending his political career as well.

For many more such innings off the field, we wish u a very Happy Birthday. Vinod Kambli, is the Birthday Bum of the day.

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