January 15, 2010


U May be, we’re not!

How did u not see it coming, it was so evident. If there was any way Mumbai was to win the Ranji championship there could be just one man for the job. Yes, undoubtedly Ajit Bombay Duck Agarkar. I do not by any means want to diminish the quality of cricket Karnataka team has played throughout the season. They have the best numbers by far. All said there was just one man standing between them and the coveted championship glory, Ajit Agarkar. Justifying, he took 5 wkts in the final innings preventing Karnatka the championship by a mere 6 runs. He was already docked 50% of his match fee due to disciplinary reasons during the match. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stop this man from winning. And in his honour, we salute his undying spirit and passion for the game. Wah!

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