November 29, 2009

Bad N.E.W.S

Yes, its been difficult times already. Not even a month has passed when Mock n me started posting to u guys but, already we have hit roadblocks, dead bodies heck even got caught for drinking and driving. Yes, it is the BAD times, the most difficult perhaps, and like everyone else we too want to get thru this highly emotional and physically challenging period ASAP. We need you guys, your love, your money actually! So Mock has been hospitalised becos his male organisms were "mal"functioning. Hope, he can get things STRAIGHT soon. He needs ur wishes (n money like I said earlier) So, hang on guys we wont be posting much for few days. Its gonna be very very quiet, and rare posts of some good quality. I know I have not been able to dedicate myself totally to this but,(with just a few crappy B.B.O.T.D. posts) this makes me want to change and honestly I am trying. So, Mock or no Mock in the next few days I will decide on how to take this blog forward. So, never say goodbye. There's lots of quality cricket on, like Kenya wants to play Netherlands soon so, (I know u wudn know it) keep visiting for the latest.


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