November 11, 2009

Damp End to the Injury Series

Hopes washed!!

The most important fixture in the ind-aus 7 match ODI series was lost due to rains. Soon after the aussies clinched the 7 match series 4-2 at Guwahati. The only thing the world was looking forward to was the 7th ODI to be held in Mum. This was undoubtedly the entertainer with amateur players like Watson, Johnson being told to go back home to be ready for some unnecessary cricket in the West Indies. The Indians dint take anything lightly either but, the rain Gods had other plans.. It just ruined the party for everyone. No one will now come to know how a 7 match ODI series between the top 2 teams in one day international cricket came to an end.

Some local Indian politicians have demanded all interviews to be given in “Marathi” only. On asked Ricky replied “I love Marathi, Jai Maharashtra!” Now that the captain of the Knight Riders has been decided, Ricky has his own views of playing under Ganguly. He was quoted saying “The loss of John(Buchanan) is very heavy on the minds of the franchise, this may have resulted in Ganguly being made captain once again.” On the 7th ODI being washed out he said, “It is very sad, all of India, Australia and the rest of the world was looking forward for this crucial encounter, but you know when it rains it pours! Can’t help that. It’s been a good tour for us, winning in the absence of some key players has helped assess our bench strength.” Indian captain M.S. Dhoni was not available as he had scheduled an ad shoot in the rain. His views on the 7th ODI was very simple. The Aussies never play well on the 7th game of a 7 match series as noticed recently in England. The Australians were plain lucky this time around.


  1. Ponting was sarcastic as usual!!!

  2. all characters mentioned in this blog are purely fictional, any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.