November 10, 2009


What happens when two guys lost completely in their worlds, separated by time zone, conflicted by profession but united by passion and that passion for cricket?

Simple, they start arguing bout the only thing they find common in their lives despite the time shifts and irregular lunch breaks.

"Mate, we shud be writing this down." So, that’s how sloshed-cricket was born on a wet day in Bangalore and a dull nite in San Jose. The two decided to present you "Wah! Cricket".

Here you will see some of their views on the latest and the rarest moments on and off the cricket field. They're not just any Tom n Dicky shouting from roof tops, they are the infamously famous Mock Wah and Steam Wah.

Mock the senior here, bowls his dibbly-dobblies that wud turn even on a mine field. But it’s the straight one, when he speaks his mind you must be warned of. His game is based on the run-machine "Ton"dulkar. And he keeps himself as simple as that. He wudn dare to imagine cricket without Sachin or vice-versa.

Steam the younger, more smarter but, inexperienced lad doesn't really know when to stop an argument. If Mock prays to Sachin, Steam has obvious reasons to abstain. He can speak his mind and a few others if needed to describe his passion for the game that he grew up playing, admiring and abusing. Naturally he has a few screws off and controlling him is completely in the hands of his older mate Mock.

With this fairly dull intro we welcome you to sloshed-cricket, where the groundsman never sleeps.

All you got to do is say "Wah! Cricket". Write to us your views on our views, your takes on our takes or anything at all


Mock Wah & Steam Wah

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