November 11, 2009

Drama King Younis again...

Younis Khan is at it again, after complaining about too much cricket being played (which never featured much of Pakistan) he now has asked for rest. So, the PCB has elected Md. Yousuf to captain the side in the upcoming tour to New Zealand for the 3 match test series. This comes after only recently, Younis decided to quit playing T20 intls and Afridi was chosen as the man to lead in the shortest format of cricket.

Steam’s corner: Yousuf becoming the man in-charge comes a little late in my diary. He is solid as a batsman and step ahead of Younis in every department of the game. If there was any senior player worthy of leading the Pakistan test side it has to be Md. Yousuf. Nice opportunity for someone to get a look into the test side probably Umar Akmal, who has been very impressive. The kiwi pitches are sure to test more than just his technique and temperament.

Mock’s shot: I don’t understand what’s wrong with Younis . I feel he is psychologically affected. He quit captaincy from T20 after winning the world, for God knows why. Then he created another drama of resigning the captaincy in ODI after his allegations of match fixing. C’mon dude you are not a kid. Apart from that, his captaincy has been inspirational. He has led the team very well. I don’t think Md. Yousuf can make a good captain. I don’t think he is tough enough to lead a team like Pakistan. My sincere advice to Md.Yusuf is, at least now improve your running between the wickets. You cannot set an example as a captain, if u doesn’t improve your running between wickets. Stats say that Yusuf gets run out once in every 6 matches.