November 13, 2009


Yesterday it was announced that team India will be facing their toughest over-seas tours in just a couple of months. The itinerary itself raised goose bumps in me. Come January 2010 Team India will embark upon their tour to the most fearsome and awesome side in cricket today “Bangladesh”. What’s more enthralling is that some no good test playing nation called Sri Lanka wants to participate in the ODI games, so they’re set to play a tri-nation series!

It’s been read that many top Indian cricketers have requested the B.C.C.I. for enough rest before this crucial away tour. So that’s that. In matter of 3 and half weeks the India cricket team will undergo the worst physical and mental pressures of the game. Below is the itinerary of the Bangladesh tour:

• Jan. 4: Bangladesh v Sri Lanka (day/night) at Dhaka

• Jan. 5: India v Sri Lanka (day/night) at Dhaka

• Jan. 7: Bangladesh v India (day/night) at Dhaka

• Jan. 8: Bangladesh v Sri Lanka (day/night) at Dhaka

• Jan. 10: Sri Lanka v India (day/night) at Dhaka

• Jan 11: Bangladesh v India (day/night) at Dhaka

• Jan 13: Final (day/night) at Dhaka

• Jan 17-21: 1st Test at Chittagong

• Jan 24-28: 2nd Test at Dhaka


  1. Bangladesh r d giant killers.. be wary of them..

  2. I Respect ur thoughts but, Cricket is a team sport. You need 11 for that to happen atleast 6 to be minimum. B'desh do hv their ups once in a while. But, they carry no momentum forward. It seems more like their opponents had a poor day at office rather than Bangladesh emerging in world cricket as a serious contender. So they'r good only create upsets once in a while and lose the rest.