February 9, 2010

B.B.O.T.D. - BBQ Pigeon

Today happens to be the sad day when a bowling machine was developed. It was so perfect that batsmen around the world criticized the science & technology invading the cricket grounds. He was capable of hitting any line & length or any particular spot on the mat and do it continuously for hours. Impeccable was a word derived hence forth. He silenced all critics who believed fast bowlers needed more brawn than brain and speed was the only weapon to be feared. Glen McGrath went on to break several records with his cliché style bowling. Also, famous for picking bunnies prior to every series McGrath was respected by batsmen and retired cricketers equally.

In 2007 the McGraths founded the McGrath Foundation, a charitable organisation dedicated to raising money to fund more Breast Care Nurses in rural and regional Australia and educate young women to become 'breast aware'.

Today is also Jim Laker's birthday, fondly remembered to be the first to pick 10 wickets in an innings and 19 wickets in that match against Australia at Old Trafford. To such great bowlers we tribute the Bday bum of the day honour.

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