February 17, 2010

B.B.O.T.D. - DeVil

Believe it or not, today is the very day 26 years ago DEVIL was born. Daredevil by heart, Abraham Benjamin de Villiers is the bday bum of the day. Half human pure evil, AB is young and a strong prospect for South African cricket. He's already a first choice player in any format of the game. His adaptability, maturity and aggression are quite stunning for his age. No surprise why he is already seen as someone who will take South African cricket to new heights. Be it T20, ODI or Test cricket AB has been there done that.. Add to that his alien, ambidextrous fielding skills makes him one of the highly reputed fielders in world cricket, getting him comparisons from none other than "Jonty" himself. Already he has produced some memorable performances like his double hundred against Ind, 174 against Eng or 178 against the Windies or even his 102* for the Daredevils against Chennai Super Kings in the IPL(mind-blowing that!!). He has set his standards high, and it is only exciting to see what he can do to beat that. So, what's next?

p.s: Also is Adil Rashid's birthday. Cheers

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