February 2, 2010

B.B.O.T.D. - Similar starts

Today, happens to be the birthday of two cricketers from the sub-continent who have quite a few things in common. Shout out for Upul Tharanga from the "Emrald Island" – Sri Lanka and Aminul Islam from Bangladesh. Yes, Aminul Islam did exist! He is for real people.. not just another fictional cricketer in the back of your minds. So, apart from being from the sub-continent and sharing their birthday today they both made their test debuts against *drum roll please* INDIA! Yes, and both the games resulted in loss for the boys, ahem… another similarity that. Aminul Islam obviously disappeared from the cricket scene long back, Tharanga however seems to have re-invented his game and made some impact during the Sri Lankan tour of India. It seems he will play the shorter form of cricket, in tests however his place is still uncertain. Its just a matter of time as we believe the lad has the talent to play tests as well. So, ahoy! Enjoy your day gentlemen, you are the bday bums of the day!!! Happy Birthday.

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