February 1, 2010

W.W.W.S. - No more Streakers

While we were “Sloshed” previously, the world went completely bezerk!! Man eating balls, man tackle man, and some fat men decide to train in the heat.

You wouldn’t believe me if I said 24 hrs ago that cricket balls were the latest in the diet books. But, that Shahid BoOm bOom Afridi did that in front of WACA crowd everyone wants to follow. Well, Pak’s hopes of winning something before returning home(alive) now face a huge threat as the only thing they are good(champs) at has to be played without their star performer and captain yes, Shahid BoOm bOom Afridi for eating the forbidden fruit oops.. ball. They might have lost the tests 3-nil and the ODIs 5-nil. But they sure have the balls wen it comes to T20. So, we can mildly look forward to some action there..

Meanwhile, Aussie crowd were back to their behavior. After having beaten all the Indians (4 to be exact!) out of Perth they now target the Pakis. Yes, that’s true. It was clearly evident in the 5th ODI at Perth. A young man charged into the field during play and man-handled Khalid Latif and the so called security had quite a treat for the WACA crowd. The tackle was gruesome! Almost killing the young man but, the invader was cleared of all charges bcos he was wearing clothes. C.A. call that an improvement in the crowd’s behavior and left the man with a cash bonus and a AFL contract likely soon.

Saffers have landed in India and news has been confirmed as we witnessed the following incidents:

Fatmen running/training

Green goblins doing crazy stunts ala this

Bouch the Docuhe

And most importantly chicks in India!!

Stay tuned for more, while we go get “Sloshed”.


  1. HAHA. Is she the only chick in India then? :P

  2. mebbe the only chick from SAF :)

  3. @Purna: never been to India before? :)
    @Wah! : never been to SAF before?