February 9, 2010

Ton & Out

The 1st test at Nagpur saw the world no.1 test team go down tamely without a fight to the no.2 team. So, what was it that they did differently here..

India started the match on the backfoot with injuries to some big names like Rahul-the-wall-Dravid, Very-very-special-Laxman, Yuvraj-cant-sing-Singh and also Rohit-no-hit-Sharma. MSD then pciked a weak team thinking I dunno what. So, Badri, VJ after having carried drinks for over a year finally playing together for the national team. WOW!! and... Wriddhiman-the-buddhiman-Saha got to make his debut due to the inauspicious circumstances. Clearly MSD missed a chance to play 5 genuine bowlers. And he needed that as he picked 2 genuine spinners (yes, Bhajji is one). So, just 2 seam bowlers playing a 5 day game is ridiculous these days. What MSD needed was a 3rd seamer or even someone like Abhishek Nayar who can do a bit of both. With Sehwag in the team he could use his bowling as well.

Now with VJ who bowls slow spinners and Badri who is the same (none with quality) and Saha who cant throw past 15 yards none of the replacements were more than 1 dimensional. Add to that Sachin-I'm-getting-Old-Tendulkar seems reluctant to bowl and Gauti cant pick a wicket even in his wildest dream. This was particularly well timed as Saffers won the toss and elected to bat and after the initial hiccup they were on the highway to victory. Credit to Amla and Kallis who negotiated the tough period with care and then never turned back. Together they help SAF put up a mammoth total. AB Devil and Boucher were handy partners.

When it came to India's chance to bat the Saf seam bowlers were spicy hot. Morne Morkel and Dale Steyn were making batsmen hop & dance. Sehwag was the lone batsmen who played confidently in the 1st innings. But, another irresponsible shot after having done all the hard work meant Sehwag walked back where he could have made the opponent sorry. Badri stuck around for a while and then Steyn cut through the line-up. During the second innings batsmen again never seemed settled and wickets continued to fall only Sachin showing what needs to be done. He brought up his 46th ton in the process and then threw it away. The shot he played was just unacceptable let alone the negative line Harris was bowling throughout the match. I'm sure Sachin would not attempt such a stroke when on "0" or on "99" then why should he try once he's reached his ton. Indian bowlers played aggressively with the bat but could not avoid the end result. Proteas going up 1-nil in the 2-match test series.

Battle resumes at Eden gardens, Kolkata for the 2nd test.


  1. You hit the bulls eye there mate...Sehwag and Sachin should have really done an Amla or Kallis. Gambhir's twin failures came at the worst time for India considering the brittle batting line up.

  2. @ Baiju: You just cannot depend on viru anyday. he may get out on 0, 100,200,300. Depends on how many catches the opposition drop. he doesnt play for the team . he plays like that he likes it tat way .

  3. Can I just know what Tendulkar is doing in that pic? Is trying out for a Javeline throwing ?

  4. Damith ur guess is as good as mine...

    Steam Wah

  5. @Baiju - in the absence of Dravid & VVS there was added pressure on Gauti, Sachin and Viru. They simply had to perform. I'm not hugely critical of the way Viru has played as Mock is being over here. But, thats the Viru plays.
    @Mock - He certainly is a team guy as much as Sachin or MSD. U have to respect the player for what he is.