February 21, 2010

Quick Updates : India Vs South Africa ODI#1

After the much hyped test series , it was time for both the teams to battle it out in the ODIs. Indians were missing the service of Gauti, UV and Zaks and Graeme Smith was on the SAF injury list .The Sawai Mansingh stadium was tightly packed with the buzzing crowd. Kallis won the toss and chose to field. Sachin was run out cheaply . But after that Indians kept the scoreboard ticking steadily. Everyone chipped in with 30s and 40s but none of them could convert it to a big score. Raina was the top scorer for India with an almost run -a-ball 56 .
The partnership between Nehra and Pk produced 18 very important runs. It was fun to see them running between the wickets, typical tailender's running . India ended up scoring 298. Gibbs and Bosman opened the innings for SAF and got off to a good start scoring 58 until PK cleaned up Bosman. From then, the Proteas kept losing wickets continuously and they were 180/7 after 35 overs.

Kallis and Parnell put in a useful partnership of 45 runs . Kallis was sent to the pavilion after Sree bowled him. Well, I am sure 95% of the people would have thought that the match was over and would 've switched off their TV sets or changed channels . But .. hold on.. Match had just started . 74 was required of 7 overs when Steyn took strike. Well, I guess the Indian bowlers became a touch over confident and Parnell and Steyn took advantage of this and sent the ball sailing to all parts of the stadium. Both of them were showing No Mercy .
Indian players heart rate was rising exponentially with each ball. The equation of runs to balls kept narrowing after each over and finally it was down to 10 runs of 1 over. Well, considering the way the duo were smashing , it looked an easy SAF victory . Pk was given the ball for the last over . He held his nerves and cleaned up Steyn.
Commendable effort by Steyn , scoring 35(19). It was down to 3 reqd of 1 ball and Parnell's desperate attempt to at least tie the match went in vain as he was run out in the final ball for an awesome 49(47). Parnell's innings was just mindblowing . This reminded me of the match when India played against Oz and Pk and Bhajji almost won the match for us .
Plays of the day 1) Raina's well compiled 56(63)
2) Jacques ' Mr. Dependable ' Kallis's 89(97) which ensured that the runs kept ticking even when the wickets were tumbling at the other end .
3)Terrific bowling by Jaddu . He varied his pace , line and length nicely giving only 29 of his 10 overs and bagged 2 wickets too.
3) Last but not the least , the 'almost' match winning partnership from Parnell and Steyn.
Turning Point - Some may say Sachin's effort to save the boundary or Jadeja's bowling but according to me, it was Abhishek Nayar's effort to save the boundary was the turning point. He saved 2 runs, which cost South Africa pretty heavily in the end .
Indian's almost pulled out a defeat from the jaws of victory. But that's typical Indian Ishtyle.


  1. This is so sad. Usually such efforts get rewarded (Hauritz/Lee Champions Trophy for example)
    But sometimes it's just not supposed to be :(
    Very good match summary, one thing:

    "This reminded me of the match India played against [?] where Pk and Bhajji..."

    Which match do you mean? I remember a couple of heart failures when Oz were in India. The one with Sachin was such a thriller... thank God India remember sometimes how to implode *lol*

    Wes' last blog:
    ((( Kiwis have round butts )))

  2. @ wes
    I was talking about the first ODI at Vadodara where Bhajji and Pk scored 49 and 40 respectively and almost clinched the match.

  3. hey man,

    where do you get your images from ;)

  4. @ Ankit : Well, thats a trade secret ;)