February 25, 2010

Sachin, Sehwag and other guys

After clinching the 3 match ODI series at Gwalior and safe-keeping the #2 position in ODI's India will now tease the Saffers in the 3rd ODI at Ahmedabad. They are going in well prepared to lose at the looks of it. Remember Yuvi, Gauti, Zak are injured now Sachin & Sehwag have been rested quite expectedly. But, look at their replacements.. Rohit the no-hit Sharma is back! and an opening in the team means "Tamilian" festivals yes, you guessed it Murali Vijay is also in the squad Abhishek Nayar ruined his chances by fielding well and making his presence felt 'cos he's been axed mercilessly. Mithun my boy has come in for P.K. that was the only relief. so, whether Saffers play well or not get prepared to lose either ways..


  1. hi,

    You have been saying about Nayar's fielding and his save of 2 runs and because of that he is getting dropped from the squad. Can you pls let me know which ball was that? i searched the full commentary in cricinfo but i couldnt find that. Are you saying the over 44.4?

    One more thing, is according to you no player from the chief selectors state should not be selected? from all your posts only this thing i can able to derive.

  2. feel miserable for nayar..i cant understand whats goin on with selectrs

  3. @ Imemyself... I am talking about 48.4, where steyn smacks it through midwicket and nayar dives and stops a certain boundary..

    @ Maulik-Since Viru n Sachin are being rested , only a couple of openers can fit the bill.Rohit has been an opener in T20, he had his success as well as failures. Murali Vj is an opener. Abhishek Nayar is a lower order player.He can get a chance only when Yusuf/Jaddu is dropped.

  4. @imemyself - my argument is not abt the selector or his selection.. It's a bit of humour and a serious point being made that instead of favouring the lads from ur region, pick the best available 15 to represent ur country. That is why ur the national team selector, not an opportunist giving ur son, ur club, ur state priorities.. u dont owe anyone to get to ur position so, u dont hv to show gratitutde towards anyone.

    The batting in the current squad (for the 3rd ODI) looks mighty weak bcos of several absentees. And in this case I would certainly hv brought Badri in. There, I said it. The selectors picked Yusuf, Jadeja & Nayar as Mock pointed out there is room for just 2 and jus one in the playing xi esp if Bhajji is back. So, now the depth in batting of the team is clearly "exposed". If Rohit opens the innings it will be a sad day at the very least. I guess Vj and Kohli / Karthik shud open the batting.